It all started in Bhutan in 2011. A chance encounter with a French yoga teacher. We travelled together for a while and both my wife, and I were enthralled by her yoga classes in idyllic places with the mighty Himalayas as backdrop. Back in our hometown in Belgium another chance encounter at our local bakery with a flyer from Peter and Gwenda promoting yoga classes in our small suburban hometown called Wondelgem. They were on a journey from India and Thailand trying to set up yoga business in Ghent. We were delighted and Peter came weekly to our place for yoga, Thai massages, and fitness. Peter left and introduced us to Annakatrien (the most friendly and creative true yogini in town) and to Jochem (the best fitness instructor in town). As we become older the idea was growing to create a proper place for our yoga, our massages, and our fitness close to our home. A place that could also get a life and purpose on its own and fulfil our needs as we grow older. We need movement and meditation to take care of our minds and bodies so we can grow old. Roots are important to us, but communities are unfortunately not anymore what they used to be. Living for almost 100 years as a third generation in our town we were lucky to build in our lifetime, brick by brick, tree by tree a landscape park surrounded with architecturally outstanding dwellings, dropped in a landscape with no boundaries. With the recent acquisition of the neighbouring plot, we contacted a friend architect to build a home for yoga practise. The Future House 1.0 came, truly amazing but we didn't see it to fit in our plan. So, The Future House 2.0 was born where the outside architecture penetrates the building to become the inside too. Solid glass bricks brought lightness to the monolith structure. The architecture invites you to come inside and slowly the atmosphere becomes meditation. The Future House 2.0 welcomes yoga teachers and students in search of a special place.

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8 months ago

Magische yoga plek in Wondelgem

9 months ago

beautifull place , great teacher

About the Team

The Future House 2.0 is an open yoga house and welcomes freelance teachers who are interested to teach with their own yoga background in a multidisciplinary and free environment and in harmony with each other. The teacher community will grow organically towards creating a unique experience. Annekatrien Vinck ( was the first yoga teacher in The Future House. Soon after Gwenda Van der Steene ( moved in followed by Johan Louncke. They offer all very personal yoga classes with distinct flavours but also very accessible for beginners too.

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