Brussels Yoga Pilates (BYP)
at 25/09/2022 11:00-12:00 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Rue d'Argent 2, 1000 Bruxelles
Price: 0.00 €
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Pilates' integration of the powerhouse that is our trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle ensures correct alignment of the pelvis and the spine, but an emphasis on deep, full breathing and smooth, flowing movement will be used in this class to lengthen and tone major muscles in the hips and the stomach. With focused, diligent attention on this region of the body in particular, we will discover all of the joy, power, efficiency, and control that we have.Combined stretching with PILATES principles, this class will bring you a holistic experience of a well-being on all levels.. you will feel more flexible, longer, lighter, happier ....

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Naama Lewin Fogiel
Naama started practicing Pilates when she was 18, after dancing from a young age. She came to Pilates looking for new ways to move and work with her body and immediately fell in love with the practice. In 2017 she become a Certified Pilates teacher by PSC institution. She believes that Pilates does not just help to create a strong and flexible body, but also provides an opportunity to create body awareness and learn how to cure and avoid pain. As a teacher, she enjoys leading others in the process of developing an awareness of the body and love for movement.She is also a dancer and choreographer.

Cancellation conditions

Please cancel your class 2 hours before the beginning of the class. If not you lose your one ticket of your voucher or subscription and we would be very sorry!