Video library Online: Shiva Shakti Yoga Level 2 EN

Online: Shiva Shakti Yoga Level 2 EN

Vinyasa yoga
Originally live streamed on
Wed, 15/11/23, 18:00 - 19:30 (90 min)
Yoga Sky Berlin
Available until
13/12/2023 19:30 o'clock
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16.00 €Einzelstunde Online 90
55.00 €5er Welcome-Card (hybrid)
75.00 €Online 5er Karte 90
140.00 €Online 10er Karte 90
140.00 €Yoga Sky Gold Online only - 10er Karte online Klassen (60/75/90)
160.00 €Yoga Sky Gold - 10er Karte alle Klassen (60/75/90)
49.00 € / monthFlatrate 1xWoche (Studio/Online)
59.00 € / monthAll You Can Yoga Flatrate (Online)
95.00 € / monthAll You Can Yoga Flatrate (Studio/Online)

About the class

Level 2 (Mittelstufe/Intermediate)

Shiva Shakti Yoga is an energetic and joyful approach to practicing yoga. It is tantric in the sense that the yogi is considered a microcosm within the network of a divine macrocosm. Accordingly, the practice moves one’s awareness from the gross to the subtle as it progresses. Asanas and dynamic vinyasas create space, clear blocks and set energy free in our physical form. A deep and powerful breath gradually focuses our awareness, helping us become sensitive to the pranic flow that pulses within us. Pranayama directs this flow in such a way that the mind becomes still, peaceful and ripe for meditation.

About the trainer/teacher

Jennifer has collected experiences as a yogini, yoga teacher, professional dancer, choreographer, modern/contemporary dance and improvisation teacher, as well as a partner and mother. She has taught yoga for 17 years and dance for 25 years, offering yoga, modern/contemporary dance and improvisation at schools, studios, businesses and dance companies throughout Europe, USA and Asia. She organises international retreats and workshops, teaching at festivals such as Bolzano Danza, Italy and The Dance Alps Festival, Austria. In Berlin, she can be found in Yoga Sky, yellow yoga and Marameo.