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ONLINE Elemental Flow

Originally live streamed on
Sun, 11/02/24, 09:00 - 10:00 (60 min)
All levels
Annemarie (DE, EN)
Available until
18/02/2024 10:00 o'clock
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About the class

Diese Yoga Einheit wird nach einem Element (Erde, Wasser, Feuer, Luft, Äther) aufgebaut und anhand von Vinyasa Flow Sequenzen mit tantrischen Elementen (Kriya & Breathwork, Mudra, Mantra, Visualisierung) erarbeitet. Ziel ist es eine stärkere Verbindung zu den Elementen aufzubauen um innere und äußere Harmonie und Balance herzustellen. Bhava (die Intention/ Stimmung, mit der wir praktizieren): know thyself- deine eigene Natur erkennen, die Einflüsse auf das Körper/Geist/Seelen System beobachten und sie aktiv navigieren lernen

(EN) Includes: Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Kriyas (Cleansing & Activation Techniques), Pranayama (Breath Work), Meditation ....

Bhava (the mood in which you practice): increasing awareness in regards to what you are made of; becoming more susceptive to your own nature and how you relate to nature around you; feel how the elements affect your physical, emotional and mental body

_i am not my body, i am not my mind

_ i am rooted in my own essence nature

About the trainer/teacher

Annemarie started “doing” yoga in the Jivamukti tradition when she lived in NYC’s East Village about 20 years ago. A devastating skydiving accident in 2003 left her with numerous injuries. From a broken spine that recquired spinal surgery, to serious nerve damage to inner organs and broken leg bones. This turned her connection to body, spirit and community around dramatically yet mindfully. Influenced by her own body’s incredible and ongoing story of healing through yoga, her teachers, life in general, community and world travels, Annemarie aims to bring a unique sense of gentle empowerment and healing to each of her classes. Annemarie’s goal is for her students to leave each class feeling refreshed, strengthened and renewed. Therefore, uses intention, meditation, pranayama and asana. Annemarie’s classes are always physically challenging, delivered in English or German, with the use of sanskrit words. They also include healing visualizations and are underlined by carefully curated wisdoms as well as world contemporary tunes by venusfrequency, her online and radio platform, dedicated to popculture and yogic lifestyle. Classes include demonstrations as well as hands on assists. Annemarie aims to live a yogic lifestyle and leads her classes in a way that reflects that choice. Tune in to Annemarie’s yogic radio show VENUSfrequency live every 2nd and 4th Friday on (worldwide) or FM94.0 (Vienna only) and listen to archived versions found on VENUSfrequency’s facebook and website page anytime.