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YOGA FOR GOOD POSTURE — Workshop Series (01/05) How the hips affect posture

Recorded Livestream with Mireia

In this online Workshop we will learn new concepts on how to improve our posture. Every week we'll go through a 50-min yoga flow to apply things into practice. In the other 15 min of the class, you will learn about the structure of the spine, the muscles that have to co-activate for good posture, what is actually good posture, how to practice yoga more sustainably and how to compensate for the imbalances in your own body.

What you will get during the workshop: - Online workshop manual (pdf) with the most important concepts for every single class - Yoga practice focused on improving posture - Tips to improve posture - Postural assessment - Q&A via Mail possible ([email protected])

Day 1: What is good posture? Day 2: All about the (text) neck Day 3: Neutral spine Day 4: How the hips affect posture Day 5: Neutral scapula and rounded shoulders

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