Online: Yoga Basics

Online stream
Yoga Sky Berlin
at 07/02/2023 17:30-18:45 o'clock (75 min)
Price: from 49.00 €
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49.00 € / monthFlatrate 1xWoche (Studio/Online)  
59.00 € / monthAll You Can Yoga Flatrate (Online)  
95.00 € / monthAll You Can Yoga Flatrate (Studio/Online)  


Diese Klasse kannst du als Basis für Deine Vinyasa Yoga Praxis nutzen.

Der Fokus liegt auf der Ausrichtung einzelner Haltungen und Sequenzen. Sie dient dazu Zusammenhänge erfahrbar werden zu lassen, simple Abläufe zu verinnerlichen und Kraft, Mobilität und Fokus zu fördern. 

Nancys inspirierendes Sequenzing lädt uns auf spielerische Weise dazu ein, Mühelosigkeit in der Anstrengung, Weichheit in der Kraft und Ruhe im Geist zu erfahren.

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Online stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

  • This studio uses Zoom as their online streaming provider. Download the according app to your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Access to the online livestream is available 15 minutes before the start of the activity. Simply go to "My bookings" and click on "Join online stream now" to be redirected to the corresponding page
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Liza has been living and working in Berlin for the last 16 years, here she has been performing, creating, teaching and collaborating with choreographers, artist and film artists. Her interest in Yoga began around 10 years ago, wich she invested more time to herself to find a healthy balance, working with her body, and integrating more the mind and spirit in a space. Along side Liza is a yoga teacher for the last 4 years, she is teaching regular yoga courses: Vinyasa Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga, with her own dance-movement-curiosity experience to find more ways to get to know ourselves better, and love who we are, as we are today. My motto for teaching is “come as you are” where we work to approach the present moment together. This because we will build an awareness of the present and how mind, body and spirit are today and how this process takes us on a very personal journey to love ourselves. We will both be building a practice that is nourishing. With my guidance, an awareness for your mindfulness and body movements. We will find flexibility, stability, strength, stillness and joy with our Vinyasa Yoga class sequences. All these sequences of specific movements along with regular practice will help us to get to know our bodies better, cultivate kindness to ourselves in the yoga mat and in real life scenarios where you can apply the knowledge gained in class, and integrate the physical asanas or pranayama and even meditation in your daily life routine.

Cancellation conditions

Unsere Klassen sind bis zu 2 Stunden vor dem Event stornierter.