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With our discovery card, you can take three classes to explore our studio and experience our experienced registered Yoga teachers and their classes. The card is valid for two weeks from the date you book and attend your first class.

Our ethos is always to find a solution that works for you and us; however, here are the general T&Cs you agree to by using our studio or buying our services.

Respect each other

We are all entitled to a safe working and practising environment, so we ask that we treat each other with respect. We don’t entertain abusive language or physical behaviour in our studio or such interaction between students and teachers.

Respect class start times

The beginning of a class is necessary to settle into the class and warm up your body before your practice.

We know that life gets in the way despite our best intentions.

However, please ensure that you arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before your class starts.

Suppose you will be later than 10 mins after the class starts. In that case, it is probably best to cancel your participation by letting us know by email:

Respect the practice space

We treat the Yoga studio as a sacred space and we would ask you to do the same. This means no mobile phones in the practice room nor loud talking or distracting noises.

We also ask that you clean your mat after you practice as part of the ritual of your yoga practice.

Booking your class

We use an online booking tool called Eversports you can download our App here -

No class can be booked using email or other means.

Class cancellation

Our cancellation window is an hour before the class starts - after this time, it will be treated as a late cancellation.

Any class pass will be deducted a class pass.

And repeated late cancellation may result in your membership being suspended for two weeks.

Again, we know that life gets in the way despite our best intentions. Our aim is always to be reasonable and accommodating within the boundaries of reasonable and honest requests.

If you need to cancel your class outside of the one hour window, please use the Eversports app -

We ask that you send us an email to letting us know the reason for your late cancellation within the one hour window for consideration on the charge to your class pass being revised.


Our waitlist system works by notifying all people on the waitlist that space is available when a space opens up. The first person to respond is given the space. You must have our Eversports app - - installed and have notifications turned on. Otherwise, you will not be notified when a space becomes available.

Injury and fitness to practice

The physical aspect of Yoga can be demanding on your body.

Your responsibility is to ensure that your physical health is good enough to practice. If you have an injury or concern, please raise it with your teacher before starting your practice.

Your teacher isn’t a qualified health professional, and we always recommend you seek medical advice before starting any strenuous activity.

The Brussels Yoga Loft and our independent Yoga teachers can not be held liable for injury sustained in our classes.


Our independent Yoga teachers depend on their income. Because of this, a refund or full refund may not be offered. It’s our policy to have a reasonable approach with refunds taking each case on its merit.

Fees and pricing

We sometimes need to increase our prices due to rising costs, and we reserve the right to do that without notification. Our value isn't to make a substantial profit but to cover our costs, and our pricing reflects this value. Pricing is considered each year in line with the Belgium indexation index.


Payment for accessing our services is required before the activity starts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough funds in your account to cover any recurring charges.

If a recurring payment fails, you’ll be sent an invoice and be required to pay any outstanding amount by bank transfer before you can book into future classes.

Your membership time suspended due to failed or late payment will not be compensated.

Sharing memberships and passes

We don’t allow class passes or memberships to be shared between family members or friends. Each visitor to our studios or attendee to our workshops either in person or online will need their own account and valid service.

Inviting friends and family to join you in a class

You can invite one person to a class for free for each adult membership or class pass holder. Your guest can only attend once for free and must register on our system to qualify.

Please fill in the form here - Invite a friend if you want to invite a guest.

Extension requests

Some of our passes are time-limited to provide us with a certainty of income and give you a reasonable time to consume your services.

We do consider an extension under the following scenarios.

Long term illness or injury

By long term we mean over two weeks and a medical certificate must be provided.

Emergencies requiring you to leave Brussels for an extended period of time

We understand that emergencies happen that take you away from Brussels and your practice for extended periods of time (over two weeks). To be considered for an extension due to a personal emergency please write to stating the nature of your request and the extension time required. There is no guarantee of an extension as we take each case on its merits.

Generally, we do not accept an extension request due to forgetfulness, normal pace of life issues, holidays or business trips. You are responsible for ensuring that you consume your services within the time allowed.

Media, videos and photography

We sometimes take pictures in our studio to share on social media. If you feature in one of our photos and would like it not to be shown on social media please let us know by email

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as required.

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Number of included units
3 units
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
2 weeks
Booking rules
Valid at
  • Brussels Yoga Loft Chatelain
  • Brussels Yoga Loft Tomberg
  • Brussels Yoga Loft Online
  • Mind Collective
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Included activities
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Yin
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow One
  • YINyasa
  • Hatha Flow
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Vinyasa Flow Two (FR)
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yin with Alchemy Crystal Bowls
  • Vinyasa Flow One
  • Live guided meditation with Lama Brian
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Yin
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Rocket 1
  • Yang/ Yin Flow (EN/FR)
  • Functional Ashtanga Short
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow One - Heart and Hips Opening
  • Functional Ashtanga Short
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Soft vinyasa - back and shoulder mobility
  • Vinyasa Flow One
  • Vinyasa Flow Two (FR)
  • Balance for Women
  • Create Your Own Yoga Journey of transformation
  • Create Your Own Yoga Journey of transformation
  • Chakra Yin Yoga followed by OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • Core Vinyasa
  • Restorative Yoga Workshop
  • Functional Ashtanga Short
  • Online Neurodynamic Breathwork Session with intro talk
  • Creative Vinyasa Sequencing
  • Hatha Yoga (FR)
  • Slow Flow - All Levels
  • Yoga for Mindfulness
  • Deepen your backbend and open your heart
  • Hip freedom
  • Alignment Mixed Level
  • Back to Basic Hatha
  • Post Natal + Babies (EN/FR)
  • Rocket I
  • Vinyasa Flow Two
  • Vinyasa Flow One - All levels
  • Core Vinyasa
  • YINyasa
  • Yin/Yang with Sound Healing
  • Introduction to Energy Medicine
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