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Are you just passing through and want to take a class? Our drop-in pass is a single session drop-in pass with 3 months validity, useable for all our in-studio classes in Tomberg, Chatelain, and Louise, and selected workshops.

General Sales Terms and Conditions

This product is sold under our general sales terms and conditions and includes the terms written here - - and any extra terms defined above.

Number of included units
1 unit
Valid from
purchase date
Duration of validity
3 months
Booking rules
Included activities
  • Chakra Yin Yoga followed by OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga Workshop
  • Creative Vinyasa Sequencing
  • Deepen your backbend and open your heart
  • Hip freedom
  • Introduction to Energy Medicine
  • Shamatha Meditation - 9 stages of training the mind
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